(Lions Clubs New Zealand (MD 202) cover)

In the event of property damage or bodily injury to third parties Lions International maintain a general liability programme  which pays damage where a club or member is legally liable.  It is important that you do not admit liability to third parties or agree settlement with them. This worldwide cover is arranged by your International Headquarters and is issued in our region of the world by ACE Insurance Ltd, in Sydney, Australia.

Limit of liability is US$1,000,000 per occurrence and in the annual aggregate.

Who is insured

In addition to the individual Lions, Lioness or Leos club the policy also covers Lions, Leo and Lioness Directors, Officers, Employees and Members for liability incurred while acting in such capacities. Individual volunteers are also included as additional insureds for liability incurred while working in Lions projects.

Certificate of Insurance

If you are requested to provide a certificate of insurance please direct your enquiry to our insurance broker, Marsh Ltd, contact details below. They will email to you a PDF copy of the current certificate. Alternatively click here to download the PDF.

Scope of Cover

This is detailed in a booklet entitled, “A Programme of Liability Insurance for the International Association of Lions Clubs”, which has been issued to all member Clubs through the office of the General Counsel, Lions International, Oak Brook, Illinois, USA.


You are advised to read this booklet closely as it will answer most of your questions regarding the extent of cover and also highlights particular exclusions. The majority of exclusions relate to liability:

(a) assumed by agreement, arising out of ownership, operation, or use of aircraft;

(b) arising out of owned watercraft;

(c) for damage to watercraft;

(d) arising out of Club owned motor vehicles;

(e )for damage except fire damage to buildings rented or used;

(f) for any other property owned or used including contents of buildings and motor vehicles in your care, custody, and/or control. Where a particular project may require some supplementary public liability insurance, this will not as a general rule, be provided by the ACE Insurance Ltd, who confine their  representation of the global insurance scheme to the settling of claims on their behalf.

If a need for supplementary cover exists, you should first endeavour to arrange it locally with some insurer who may know you and, if this is not successful, contact the brokers,

Marsh Ltd
PO Box 699
Wellington 6140
Tel: (04) 819 2400
Fax: (04) 819 2401
Toll Free Phone 0800 805 333.

It must be emphasised that the brokers usually need time to arrange these supplementary covers and that a last minute call on the day before the event will not produce the best results, either in terms of cover or premium required.






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