The Personal Accident Policy, in force on the persons of all Lions, Lioness, or Leos, including spouses, immediate relatives, and any other invited persons provided that such persons are actually engaged in the business of Lions, while about Lions’, Lionesses’ or Leo’s business, provides:

  • Capital and permanent disability benefits up to $10,000 supplementary to that provided by the Accident Compensation Act.
  • Medical expenses associated with the accident up to $10,000, regardless of whether or not they are normally gainfully employed.
  • Balance of earning lost and not recoverable by Accident Compensation or any other insurance policy. Maximum $40.00 per week, excluding the first week and limited to104 weeks. This benefit is not payable to those who are not normally gainfully employed.
  • Districts D, F and J only - first week’s earnings lost and not recoverable by Accident Compensation or any other insurance policy - maximum payable $300.
  • This cover is available to Clubs in other Districts and Clubs interested should contact Marsh Ltd.

Territorial Limits:

Worldwide while travelling on or being involved in Lions, Lioness or Leos activities / business. This includes commuting from the usual place of residence to the place of work/duty/business of Lions and return.

Age Limitation:

Under 80 years. Members over age 70 years have Event 19 of the policy amended to read “Permanent Total Quadriplegia/Paraplegia”.



Extremely competitive (both premium and cover wise) Leisure and Business Travel Insurance can be arranged for Lions Club members and their families. For further information and a quotation please contact Marsh Ltd.


PLEASE NOTE: All queries on insurance matters should be directed in the first instance to:

Marsh Ltd

PO Box 699

Wellington 6140

Tel: (04) 819 2400

Fax: (04) 819 2401

Toll Free Phone 0800 805 333


or to the Executive Officer

Lions Clubs New Zealand

PO Box 691

Orewa 0946

Hibiscus Coast






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