MOTOR VEHICLE (NZI, a business division of IAG New Zealand Ltd)

Members are provided with contingent motor vehicle cover for uninsured losses or invalidation of insurance during a Lions Club activity.


Any Lions Club member while using their own Motor Vehicle, or any hired, loaned, or borrowed Motor Vehicle that is being used on Lions business. (Vehicles must be registered and warranted as required by the Land Transport Act).


Vehicles owned by Lions Multiple District 202 or Clubs affiliated thereto.

Motor Vehicles Covered

Sedans, stationwagons, vans, utes, trailers, caravans. Mini buses and trucks (up to a vehicle weight limit of 3,500kg). Tractors (in respect of No Claims Bonus/ Excess or invalidation of the current policy).

Motor Vehicles Excluded

Trucks and Buses (over a weight limit of 3,500kg). Truck Trailers, Motor Vehicles on tracks ie. Bulldozers etc

Indemnity in respect of No Claim Bonus and Excess (Deductible)

The policy will respond to pay these losses if a claim is paid under the owner’s Motor Vehicle insurance policy. The Motor Vehicle must have been used on Lions business at the time of the loss. An excess of $100 will apply to these losses.

Full Cover on Motor Vehicles up to $50,000

If the owner’s Motor Vehicle insurance policy is invalidated due to the fact that it was being used on Lions business, the Insurer will provide full comprehensive insurance cover on the Motor Vehicle. An excess of $500 applies to these claims. Where the owner has no Motor Vehicle insurance cover in place, there is no cover available under this policy.


IMPORTANT – The motor vehicle policy is a contingency cover for vehicles being used by Lions Club members while on Lions Club business for loss of No Claims Bonus and Excess.

Special Notes

All claims must be first lodged against the individual Lions member’s own or other insurance policy in force.





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