(NZI, a business division of IAG New Zealand Ltd) The Insurance Programme is designed to provide a “reasonable” level of protection for clubs’ assets. Cover is intended to cover standard generic club property. It does not cover any buildings – separate insurance needs to be arranged should a club own a building.

Property Insurance

Who is Insured

Lions Multiple District 202 NZ including any Lions, Lioness and Leo or associated clubs

Insured Property

Tangible property of every description not expressly excluded, all owned by or entrusted to the Insured


Any situation or other place, anywhere in New Zealand, Samoa, Fiji, Tonga and American Samoa.

Perils Insured

Accidental physical loss or damage to Insured Property

Main Sum Insured Limitations and Extensions

Club Property - $6,000 maximum per club

Money – Section A - $10,000 (in transit, or during an organised activity or in a locked safe outside activity hours)

Money – Section B - $2,000 (when not in a locked safe or outside activity hours)

Property on hire, leased, loaned or borrowed - $20,000

Refrigerated goods - $2,000

Tenants Liability (building or glass) - $50,000

Property in Transit - $3,000

The following sublimits are additional to the $6,000 limit per club

•property on hire, leased, loaned or borrowed

•tenants liability


Main Deductibles

Earthquake - $2,500 per club

Property on hire, leased, loaned or borrowed - $500

Burglary or Theft of club property - $500

Any other loss - $500

Special Conditions

1.If the property insured for each Club is of greater value  than $6,000 at the time of any loss you will be considered as your own insurer for the difference. This means that NZI establish their proportion of any loss and only pay claims in that ratio.

2.In the event of loss or damage arising from vandalism, burglary, or attempted thereat for which it is wished to claim under this policy it is a condition that any such loss or damage shall be notified to the Police.


The policy has a number of exclusion but these are normal for any commercial property insurance policy.

The policy does not insure any motor vehicles, caravans, truck, trailers or the like. If a Club owns a vehicle separate Motor Vehicle insurance should be effected on it.

Cyclone and Typhoon damage is excluded in Countries and Territories outside New Zealand






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