Q - Our Club owns a Motor Vehicle (trailer, caravan, bus) – do we have insurance on it under the Lions scheme?

A – No, separate Motor Vehicle insurance must be arranged on this.

Q – Our Club is hosting a special “one off” event and we need to increase the $6,000 Club limit and Money limit. Can you arrange this?

A – Yes. The insurance company will first want to know about the event and what security arrangement you have in place for it. If they are satisfied with the security arrangement you have in place then a higher limit can be agreed but subject to an additional premium.

Q – Do we have cover for property we have borrowed from someone else?

A – The Material Damage policy (which does not cover Motor vehicles) does have cover for property on hire, leased, loaned or borrowed but subject to a limit of $20,000 and a deductible (excess) of $500. The Lions insurer will look at whether the other party has insurance and also what the terms of contractual agreements are when determining whether a claim is admitted under the policy.

Q – Our Club is concerned about Criminal Prosecution of our members resulting from an activity we might run. This was highlighted by several court cases where event organisers were prosecuted by the Police. Does our policy cover this?

A – No. None of the Lions Club insurance policies provides cover for Criminal Prosecutions by the Police.

Q – Can we purchase insurance against Criminal Prosecutions?

A – Yes, insurance against Criminal Prosecutions can be purchased in two ways.

Firstly it can be arranged as an individual or family through any Vero Insurance Branch. The policy is called “Law Safe”. It can also be accessed from the Law Safe web-site at www.lawsafe.co.nz .

Secondly insurance for the Club can be purchased through QBE Insurance. The QBE policy is called “Sporting Bodies Legal Defence”. A proposal form must be completed with full details of how the Club intends to manage the specific event – Health & Safety and Traffic Plans (for example) must be submitted with the proposal form. The policy has a limit of indemnity of $250,000, a deductible of $1,000. The minimum premium is $500 (it could be more depending on the event).

Marsh Ltd can assist with this and e-mail the proposal form and brochure to you.





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