Public Liability

Please contact:

Marsh Ltd
PO Box 699
Wellington 6140
Tel: (04) 819 2400
Fax: (04) 819 2401
Toll Free Phone 0800 805 333


Special Note - Liabilities

No matter what type of claim occurs, do not admit or deny any liability nor negotiate any settlement either in writing or verbally. It is better to remain silent than to prejudice in any way the insurer's position.

Property Insurance Claims

1.Immediately notify Marsh Ltd at the address above.

2.Complete claim form or write a full statement of what occurred and send it to Marsh Ltd within seven days of the loss. Our broker can email you the appropriate claim form to complete.

NB Policy Condition requires this.

3.Burglary claims, loss of valuable items or of stock, plant or money: please, notify the Police promptly.

4.In most instances, you will be required to provide documentation to substantiate claims - the extent of this documentation will depend upon the nature and size of the claim.

Motor Vehicle Claims

On vehicles owned, rented, hired or borrowed by Lions  Multiple District 202 NZ members.

As this policy primarily applies in the event of loss of “No Claims Discount” and the amount of any excess or deductible not recoverable from the member’s own insurance the member should follow lodgement of claim against own insurance. Complete a Lions Clubs New Zealand Motor Vehicle Accident advice form  (available from Marsh Ltd) and return the completed form with supporting documentation to Marsh Ltd. An excess of $100 is applicable to this insurance.





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