Charity Services:

This is very important information for your club’s future operation in regard to the New Zealand Charity Services and Tax on Project Funds.

Senior officers at national level have had several meetings with the Inland Revenue Department and Charity Services and have recommended to the Multiple District Council that all New Zealand Lions and Lioness Clubs seriously consider establishing a Charitable Trust to enable the club to continue to qualify for income tax exemptions and to register with the Charities Commission.

Please do not hesitate contacting your District Governor or the MD Legal Counsel, the MD Treasurer or the Executive Officer for any assistance or advice.

Tax on Projects

Important update from  Charity Services

PDF Version

Draft Trust Deed

PDF Version

Draft Trust Deed

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Only organisations registered with the Charity Services qualify for income tax exemptions. Unfortunately, as currently constituted, Lions and Lioness Clubs do not qualify as charities under the law and therefore cannot be registered with the Charity Services.

However, if your club wishes to retain the current tax benefits you can establish a charitable trust, as a subsidiary entity to your currently constituted club, which can be used to receive and distribute your income/project money. This entity can be registered with the Charity Services and will therefore attract income tax exemption benefits.

A draft Trust Deed has been prepared that can be adapted easily for your club if you decide to proceed.

This can be downloaded, along with a set of instructions on how to proceed, from the links above.

If your club decides to establish a subsidiary charitable trust, it can be named after your club, eg, “Lions/Lioness Club of [insert area] Charitable Trust”. Your club would need to appoint Trustees to administer the Trust (say four senior members). This newly established Trust, once registered with the Charity Services, would qualify for all the current income tax advantages.


1 Print off the draft Trust Deed and distribute to your Board members for consideration and discussion.

2. Gauge support to establish the subsidiary Trust.

3. If the Board decides to proceed, propose a motion to your members to establish the Trust.

4. Nominate the initial Trustees and put those nominations to your members.

5. Put a motion to pay an initial sum (eg, $100) to the new Trust from your Lions or Lioness Club Project account (see clause 2.1 of the Trust Deed regarding establishing the Trust Fund).

6. Complete the draft Trust Deed, inserting names etc as indicated, and have the Trustees sign it.

7. Complete the registration process with the Charity Services, either online or by paper. (Forms can be downloaded from

8. Send a copy of the executed Trust Deed, together with a completed IR596 (which can be downloaded from IRD website, to the IRD to register the entity and obtain an IRD number.

9. Apply to incorporate the Trustees of the new Trust as a Board with the Companies Office. All relevant information regarding incorporation can be found at in the “Information Library” under “Charitable Trusts.”

NB: Steps 7-9 can be completed simultaneously, but it is step 7 that is imperative to ensure you qualify for the significant income tax advantages that your club currently enjoys.

10. Establish a separate bank account for the new Trust and ensure any project funds that are collected go into and are paid out of that bank account. (This will effectively operate like your Club’s current project account, but decisions are made by the Trustees rather than the Board.)

11. Remember to file the Trust’s annual returns with the Charity Services. (They will also forward it to the Companies Office).

* Stick to the standard wording of the Trust Deed. Acceptance by Charity Services  and the IRD will be easier if all Lions and Lioness Clubs use the same wording.





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