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About Heads Up for Kids

The Reserve Bank reckons there's over $100 million in old New Zealand cash and foreign currency unaccounted for, and Lions Clubs are encouraged to dig it out for the benefit of the youth of New Zealand.

Heads Up for Kids is an on-going national campaign that aims to collect $1 million worth of outmoded and foreign cash for the benefit of young New Zealanders.

The currency collection is suitable for all districts and areas as it doesn’t compete with any other fundraiser - and with the average household hoarding over 200 obsolete coins there’s plenty to be collected in your neighbourhood.

Collection cans provided by Resene can be placed anywhere your club feels would make a great collection point.

Bank branches usually have a stash of coins they would love to get rid of. Try dairies, churches, your local pub even, car wreckers have plenty of old money as do second-hand shops, the Salvation Army and other Charities.

The pre decimal and old decimal New Zealand currency is redeemed at face value via the Reserve Bank of New Zealand and all foreign cash is exchanged off shore. Coins with high silver and copper content are sold for scrap metal and fetch a price well above face value. Collectible and rare coins are sold to coin specialists.

Collection points are at Resene stores and I-Sites nationwide,and New World Stores in the Lower North Island.  Fastway Couriers bring the currency to the Head Office counting house.

The project has proved to be a great PR exercise for Lions, with massive newspaper coverage, a number of television appearances and radio advertising.

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For more information on Heads Up for Kids contact Orewa Lions Club (Mandy, Judy or Robinon) on HU4K@lionsclubs.org.nz

Join the campaign on Facebook www.facebook.com/headsupforkids

Administration & Funding

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Please read the guidelines before submitting an application

Please note that grants are only available for New Zealand based activities and as the Trustees only meet 3 times a year, applications may take up to 16 weeks to process.  Application deadlines are 31 March, 31 July and 31 October each year.

To access the Grant Register click here.

Please download and complete the form which best suits your funding requirements for either groups or individuals.

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