Committees / Tokoroa City

Charitable Trust

To oversee the charitable finances of the club from the perspective of the requirements of Charitable Trust Board.

Committee Members: Michael Jones, Dexter Morgan, Jon Welch, Eldon Westhead

Community Welfare & Youth

Lions activities related to the needs of Youth and the general welfare of the community.

Committee Members: Antonio Ganz, Teresa Ganz, Danny Sattler, Eldon Westhead

Finance & Fundraising

This committee is charged with raising the monies needed for club charitable purposes and the control of it.

Committee Members: Doug Blair, Noeline Christie, Graham Dunstall, Michael Jones

Membership & Welfare

Catering to the needs of our members.  By looking after Lions the community at large can continue to benefit.

Committee Members: Kim Egerton, Robert Ennion

Programme & Social

The programme of our club is designed to entertain members, create fellowship within our ranks and educate and grow our abilites to serve.

Committee Members: Jean Teao, Jon Welch, Kevin Wiley


This is the major workhorse committee.  The design, the action, and the finish of charitable projects is what happens here.  Banners and Firewood are sub groups as is the Xmas parade.

Committee Members: John Alderton, Mark Bennett, Erin Davy, George Harrison, Rob Moot, Dexter Morgan, Tony Williams




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