Committees / ONERAHI - President Douglas Smith - - Meetings: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays


Chairman - Doug Smith

Brian Hutchings

Ian Kippenburger

Ian Taylor

John Wiseley

Graeme Webster

Dwane Kokich

Chas Mellor

Committee Members: Ian Kippenberger, Dwane Kokich, Chas Mellor, Doug Smith, Ian Taylor, Graeme Webster, John Wisely

Social and Membership

Chairperson - Anne Carter

Lester Priest

Maurice Carthew

Bev Hutchings




Committee Members: Maurice Carthew, Beverley (Bev) Hutchings

The Board

Steering the Onerahi ship this year are:

Heather Carthew - President

Doug Smith - 1st Vice-President

Steve Wood - 2nd Vice-President

Dave Mandeno - Secretary

David Maplesden - Treasurer

Anne Carter - Membership & Social

Bev Hutchings - Director

Heather Carthew - Webmaster

Committee Members: Heather Carthew, Beverley (Bev) Hutchings, David Mandeno, David Maplesden, Doug Smith, Steve Wood

Youth & Welfare

Chairman - Steve wood

Graeme Edgeley

Geoff Martin

Teddy Kawene

Committee Members: Graeme Edgeley, Edward (Teddy) Kewene, Steve Wood




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