ONERAHI - President Douglas Smith - - Meetings: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays


Onerahi is the only seaside suburb of Whangarei, New Zealand's northern most city. It is also the site of Whangarei's Airport and is approx 5 km south-east of the city centre. Our main road follows the harbour coastline until it meets the Pacific Ocean at the Whangarei Heads.The Onerahi Lions Club began in August 1972 and has been serving it's community ever since - in all sorts of ways - some of which are shown in the Bulletins that can be read by clicking on the Bulletins link on the left hand side of this web page. 


If you would like to be a part of this vibrant and active Lions Club, just contact the Club President, secretary or a member you may know. We would love to meet you and invite you to visit our Club to see if a life with Lions will fit into yours. Visit our Facebook page to see what is happening in our Club.

Volunteering and Fundraising

Lions are people who want to give something back to their community. It may be painting the fence at the local kindergarten, running a raffle to raise money for a community project like a new ambulance, or anything in between. Whatever it is we have heaps of fun doing it. Clubs are autonomous so they get to choose what “projects” they do and how they spend the money they raise.

How much does it cost?

At the moment our membership costs are only $30 per six months and this fee helps to cover our International, District and Multiple District contributions. 

Why does it cost to join?

100% of all money we get from fundraising is given back to the community either locally or is an example of what they do with it.

  • The emergency fund that Lions International operates sent $1million into Christchurch Lions bank accounts within 24 hours of the Feb 2011 earthquake for them to spend however they needed.
  • Over $300,000 towards Whangarei's Project Promise. Lions are now Platinum Sponsors for the recently completed Jim Carney Oncology Unit.
  • The Lloyd Morgan Charitable trust is the charitable arm of the multiple districts in NZ. The Trust earns it's income from a variety of investments then makes donations or loans back to big projects, e.g. contributed $60,000 to fund a floor in Wellington's new Ronald McDonald House, known as "The Lions Den".

So your membership fees are just like another donation to great causes, and of course cover administration costs.


With the busy schedules we all have these days it can be hard to even meet your neighbours, never mind your neighbourhood. Our social events will include invitations to lots of different outings, picnics, dinners, movies. Come to all, some or none. That’s the best thing about Lions it’s completely up to you… no commitment but you get to meet a whole lot of like-minded people in your area and make new friends.


Postal Address

P.O. Box 3067, Onerahi

Meeting Times

BUSINESS MEETING 1st Tuesday of the Month.
We assemble from 6:00 pm and start meeting at 6:30 pm
Onerahi Bowling club, Alamein Ave, Onerahi
DINNER MEETING 3rd Tuesday of the Month.
6:15 pm or before for drinks and social, followed by dinner at 7pm prompt
Onerahi Bowling club, Alamein Ave., Onerahi, (Unless advised otherwise in News or Events)


Send Email President:
Doug Smith
Phone: 436 2254
Mobile: 027 602 5880
Send Email Vice president:
Chas Mellor
Phone: 436 2184
Mobile: 027 267 9168
Send Email 2nd Vice President:
Edward (Teddy) Kewene
Phone: 436 5884
Mobile: 021 265 6720
Send Email Secretary:
Steve Wood
Phone: 436 2759
Mobile: 0212632639
Send Email Club Treasurer:
Heather Carthew
Phone: 094361077
Mobile: 0211194728
Send Email Club Membership Chairperson:
Heather Carthew
Phone: 094361077
Mobile: 0211194728




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