Committees / MANGAKAHIA - President Duncan Worthington - - Meetings: 2nd and 4th Tuesdays

Membership Committee

Chairman 2016/17: Grant Algie.

The goal of this committee is to annually develop and implement a strategy that will increase the membership of the Club by the end of that year.

Committee Members: Grant Algie, Denis Anderson, Steve Badger, Robert Bell, Rick Billing, Bruce McPherson, George Radich, Darcy Ruddell

Planning and Strategic Committee

Chairman 2014/15:     Bob Jamieson

The goals of this committee are:

  • To annually review the Club's management sructure and make recommendations for the future.
  • To assist the President formulate his goals for his Presidential year.
  • to manage the fundraising activities of the Club and to recommend allocations of the funds so raised by researching the needs of our Communities and in response to requests received.


Committee Members: Dave Barrell, Graeme Dawson, Mike Hibbert, Bob Jamieson, Royce Kokich, Ian McBeth, Bill Pedersen, Rob Soar, Duncan Worthington

Social Committee

Chairman 2014/15:   Dave Barrell

The goals of this committee are, in conjunction with the President:

  • to manage the welfare of the membership through social activities including dinner meetings and events.
  • consider the way the Club functions so as to make the Club attractive to younger members.

Committee Members: Rod Blagrove, Campbell Boys, Steve Brown, Angus Campbell, Mike Eagles, Fred Field, John Waterhouse, Ray Webb




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