Projects and Initiatives / MANGONUI - President Graham Stanaway -

Auction/Garage Sale

Annual fundraiser for the club through the sale of donated items of furniture, machinery etc.

Auto Spectacular

An annual fund raising event run by the Vintage Car Club where our members assist the organisers with car...

Cable Bay "Cable Monument"

Accompanying pictures are self explanatory re this historic site.

Child Cancer Foundation

Annual Breakfast held at RamadaTaipa Beach Resort to raise funds for child cancer.

Coopers Beach Reserve

Daffodil Day

Annually in August every year, we host a breakfast and operate two BBQ/sausage sizzles whilst also selling raffles and daffodils to raise funds for this very worthy cause.

Doubtless Bay Playgroup

Annual Easter Dig at Taipa, where members assist the group cooking, carving and manning stalls.

ITM Doubtless Bay Anniversary Weekend Fishing Contest






Mangonui Lions Fun Run

Annual 7km run/walk community event

Mangonui School Christmas in the Park

Annual fundraiser where members...

Mangonui Waterfront Festival

An annual event by the Doubtless Bay Promotions Inc., where members marshal intersections and carparks...

Playhouse Raffle

This Project is an effort to raise much needed funds for the Far North Hospice. Tickets went on sale in August/September and will be drawn mid-December, witha target of 3,000 tickets @...

Rally of the North




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