Halswell & District

The Lions Club of Halswell District is a group of 30 plus people (both men & women) from all walks of life with a desire to assist and serve our community.  

We all strive together to assist our community in whatever way we can; however Lions Club members are encouraged to put their families first, their work or business second and then give what they can to the community though Lions.   We know that "alone we can do a little but by working together we can achieve so much more".

If you wish to make your community a better place and help those less fortunate, then please take a moment to consider if the Lions Club of Halswell District is for you.  We encourage you (and your partner) to attend any meetings or events you choose.   It is important for us that you realise what we do and how we do it before you make a decision to join us. 

Lions Club International motto ‘We Serve”

Postal Address

P.O. Box 37018, HalswellChristchurch 8245

Meeting Times

Halswell District
1830 on 1st Wednesday , 1900 on 3rd Wednesday
Little Sister Café at the Islington Tavern - Main South Road, Islington - 1st Wed of Month, Halswell Bowling Club - 3rd Wed of Month


Send Email Club President:
Roger Kay
Phone: 027 320 0925
Send Email Club Secretary:
Genevieve Craddock
Phone: 64-03-3229193
Send Email Club Treasurer:
Ray Brocket
Phone: 03 3227900
Send Email Club Membership Chairperson:
Paul O'Connor (Lynda)




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