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                     New Membership proposals.

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen.

We know that people can be very busy but would still like to be involved in charitable work or fundraising occasionally, without committing to a lifetime membership. This is why we are creating a new membership structure. (It's also a good way to meet people - we're a sociable bunch!)

 Volunteer Helper.  If you have a couple of hours to spare from time to time and would like to help, please let a club member know your contact details and what might interest you. You call the shots. We can use help with delivering leaflets, sausage sizzles, Pea Straw sales, marshalling events, recycling specs, property maintenance,'s your choice! Men, women, girls or time to be bored!

Associate member. If you wish to become more involved,  or have a worthy cause that you may like to flag up, you can have a club member allocated to help you. This may involve an occasional meeting, chat or even a social event to discuss your interest. There is no formal enrollment or time period. Ladies, gentlemen, young or old can all make a useful contribution.

Full membership. This involves enrollment and gives the opportunity to contribute to the organisation and running of the club, which meets informally every fortnight. We are seeking more lady members in particular. There is a small annual membership fee. We obviously hope that members will become long-serving, which establishes continuity for the club.

Is this a record? 300 sausage sizzles in 2 hours! Sunday 18th March at Scarborough Park. The Lions sizzler team worked flat out to satisfy the appetites of competitors and also some spectators at this highly successful tri/duathlon event.

Pea Straw Sell-out ! Saturday 24th March 

The Sumner stalwarts shifted about 650 bales. That is a large truck-load. Sales were brisk and the rain held off. 

Another load.                                               A whole lorryload gone!

And AGAIN! Saturday 7th all gone.

Another pea straw sell-out. Sorry to those of you who missed out on Saturday. Unprecedented demand.

Our next event: 

Sausage sizzle at Bunnings on Blenheim Rd    SUNDAY 22 APRIL

Postal Address

P.O. Box 10-187, Christchurch

Meeting Times

Regular club schedule and venue
1800 , 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month
Ferrymead Heritage Park, Gate A Truscotts Road, Ferrymead


Send Email Club President:
Bill Newsom
Phone: 03 3849130
Send Email Club Secretary:
Andrew Thomas Blaikie
Phone: 03 3890841
Mobile: 0272025651





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