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Community Activities

This activity involves working projects to benefit the whole community and helping other organisations in our Waitara community.

Projects in our club range from a free community service to a fundraising project to help special individuals and groups to achieve their goals.

Most members are involved in this activity.

Committee Members:

Members Activities, Raffles, & Welfare

Members activity is an inter club role, which involves the social and fellowship of our members in the Waitara club.

They organise and arrange guest speakers for our Tea meetings, organise club visits to clubs in our Zone(North Taranaki), and plan social and outdoor leisure trips for our club and members.

When the members are socialising an inter club raffle is arranged.

This committee also takes care and actions members welfare concerns, and reports on members health, special occasions, and general help some members need at times.

Committee Members:

Membership - Recruitment and Retention

In New Zealand 11,000 members belong to 400 clubs in seven Districts. They are part of a worldwide network of 1.3 million Lions over 200 countries or regions.

Membership is responsible for inducting new members, and providing training to give the knowledge of the Programmes, Projects, and how Lions help in our community of Waitara. We promote and educate the community on what this Lions club does in Waitara and it's surrounding area.

To join the Lions Club in Waitara, you need to be nominated by a existing member and approved by the Club.

There is a annual sub fee paid every six months, or by arrangement.

If you are interested in joining contact a member you know, or contact the membership chairperson listed below.

Committee Members: Lynette Stewart

Waitara Lions Christmas Parade-Sub Committee

This sub committee organise and runs the annual Waitara Lions Christmas Parade. It arranges sponsors, promotes organisations, schools, sports clubs, hobby & leisure clubs, and service clubs around the greater part of the Waitara District to participate.

The funds collected on the day, and from the Famous Wheelbarrow Christmas Raffle, is donated to selected community projects.

Planning starts around the beginning of July each year.

Committee Members:

Youth Activities

This activity is to promote and financial help youth in the Waitara community.

We support and liaise with the local schools and sports clubs, to assist the young people into adult-hood, to improve their skills to deal with social pressures and future employment goals.

Youth is our future.

Committee Members:




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