Toko & Districts

Postal Address

C/- Secretary Colin Lees 1054 East Road R.D. 22 Stratford

Meeting Times

Toko & Districts Lions Club
Third Monday of each Month
Toko Hall, fellowship from 6.30, dinner at 7pm, meeting thereafter.
Board Meeting
1st Monday of each month
Toko Fire Station
Committee meetings
7 - 7.30pm as and when required. Normally bi monthly.
Toko Fire Station


Send Email Club President:
Graham Fergus
Phone: 06 7627967
Send Email Club President:
Nicky Macdonald-Wells
Send Email Club Secretary:
Colin Lees
Phone: (06) 762-2847
Send Email Club Treasurer:
Colin Caskey
Phone: 06-7585696
Send Email Club Membership Chairperson:
Pamela Macdonald
Phone: 06 7658648




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