Committees / Stratford


This Comittee considers all funding requests and makes recommendations to the Board. It also co-ordinates activies for youth and other community members requiring Lions support.

Committee Members: Donna Bridgeman, Wayne Burnnand, Bernie Gibbons, Bev Hartley, Stew Hartley, Raewyn McDonald, Judy Pryce


This committee is reponsible for recruitment and retention of Members and ensuring members needs are being met.

Committee Members: Peter Death, Patrick Moore


This committee is responsible for activities that raise funds to support efforts in the community. The Monster Xmas Stocking Project has been running for over 25 years and is the main contributor to club funds. Other fundraising activities include a Charity Golf Tournament and Firewood.  It is always looking for ways to help the community.

Committee Members: Gordon Astwood, Darlena Christie, Stew Hartley, Jack Jeffares, Reg Lewis, Robin Love, Stan Megaw, Peter Henry Morton, Bill Neate, Maureen Ostler, Jim Reed, Mike Walmsley


Responsible of promtion of Club activities and media relations

Committee Members: Pamela Reed, Delia Smith


This committee arranges social activies so all the members can have some fun after all their hard work!!

Committee Members: Maureen Burnnand, Jenny Hignett, Roger Hignett, Colleen Moore, Trudy Sullivan




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