Committees / Eltham

Annual Projects

All the projects the Eltham Club does as fundraisers.  In the past this has included raising money for community projects such as the water tanker as well as ongoing year-to-year projects.  This includes:

Scrap metal drive   Firewood     Rotorangi Gutbuster    Marshalling for various runs and cycle races   

Round-the-Mountain drinks station    A&P Showgates    Kite Day   


Chair:  Kevin Barry

Slink calves:  Ray Lawrence & Glenn Hansen

Committee Members: Kevin Barry, Robert Brown, Glenn Hansen, Carol Henderson, Brian Hicks, Ray Lawrence, Chris McDonald, Bruce Schneller, John Taylor, David Turner

Lions Mints

Refilling the containers of mints in the different businesses around the Eltham township.

Committee Members: Bob Bramley

Media Liaison

Making sure the Eltham Club's achievements and notable events make it into the paper or onto the radio. 

Committee Members: Glenn Hansen


In charge of organising speakers or other entertainment for meetings, Club visits, social gatherings and other activities.

Committee Members: Joycelyn Carter, Paul Roberts

Health & Community Concern

All those projects that are done to benefit or help the community of Eltham and surrounding area.  This includes:

Christmas Parade    Mid-Winter Community dinner    Meals-on-Wheels    Food Bank appeal    Collecting for Charities

Ngaere School Pet Day    Donations to Charities (Big Envelope)   


Chair:  Llew Eynon & Jenny Mack

Committee Members: Ken Bielski, Noel Boddie, Bob Bramley, Clare Bramley, Llew Eynon, Phillip Gudopp, Danquigny Jean-Luc, Peter Jones, Jenny Mack, Piet Robbertze


The Eltham Lions Club owns a house which is rented out, this property also includes the upkeep of the Eltham Toy Wall, created by the late Fay Young, and the gardens at the house.


Chair:  Bob Bramley

Committee Members: Bob Bramley, Don Drabble, Joyce Lawrence


Interested in both the generation of new members and also in the welfare of current members.


Chair:  Megan England

Committee Members: Don Drabble, Megan England, Alan Jamieson, Glennys Price, Mike Weren


Aimed at helping the youth of the Eltham community and surrounding district, including donations to young people so they can participate in cultural or sporting events, Junior Speechmaker competition, Peace Poster, Christmas Shoeboxes.


Chair:  Max Barnard

Committee Members: Max Barnard, Allan Beck, Liz Bramley, Guy Brown, Joycelyn Carter, Cam Collier, Marlene Henn, Ray Whyte




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