One of the most jealously guarded assets of Lions Clubs International is its official emblem. Constant vigilance is exercised to keep the Association’s insignia from falling into the hands of those who would use if for selfish or commercial purposes.

The Department of Club Supplies controls the use of the official Lions emblem on all merchandise and this control ensures that the emblem will not be misused. Protection of the emblem is specified by the International Constitution and By-Laws in Article XII, which reads:

“The name, emblem, badge or other insignia of this Association, or of any chartered club, shall not be used by any club member as a trademark or for advertising merchandise or business; nor shall any corporation, group, or organisation organised by any Lions Club or the members or representatives thereof, nor any other individual, corporation, group or organisation, use the name, emblem, badge or other insignia of the International Association of Lions Clubs in conjunction with or for the purpose of carrying on any activity or project of any nature without such written consent and approval as may be authorised by appropriate resolution of the International Board of Directors.”

Club Presidents should ensure that members who resign or are dropped from membership return all Lions material and especially lapel badges and car badges.

Window transfers on cars should also be removed, particularly when a member disposes of their vehicle.

Club Officers’ lapel buttons remain the property of the club and are handed on from officer to officer. Members should wear their lapel badges at all times. The regular lapel badge received on induction or the miniature lapel badge may be worn. Badges as received at installation or appointment may be worn if desired. Other awards should be worn only with dress wear or on special occasions such as “Key Breakfasts”, Conventions, Club Charter functions etc.






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