Who is Insured

Lions Multiple District 202 NZ including any Lions, Lioness and Leo or associated clubs


Defence costs and liability for financial penalties arising out of alleged unintentional breaches of New Zealand statutes.

Territorial and Jurisdiction Limit

New Zealand only

Insured Legislative Acts covers

All New Zealand legislative Acts except those excluded by the policy – the Insured Acts are typically Acts such as the Building Act, Fair Trading Act, Resource Management Act, Privacy Act, Consumer Guarantees Act, Health & Safety in Employment Act. With effect from 5 May 2003 the Government passed legislation that prohibited insuring fines and penalties for breaching the Health & Safety in Employment Act. The insurance policy still covers legal defence costs and reparation payments as a result of this Act.

Limit of Indemnity

$500,000 any one claim and in the annual aggregate


$500 each and every claim





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