(Lions Clubs New Zealand MD 202 cover) (ACE Insurance Ltd)

In addition to the global Public Liability arrangements effected by Lions International out of the USA, the local Lions MD 202 also arranges a Public Liability for Lions Clubs in New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and American Samoa. The purpose of this policy is primarily to provide a higher limit of indemnity to the global policy. It also has some sections of coverage that address specific New Zealand legislative risk exposures.

Limits and Deductibles

General Indemnity

Limit any one Occurrence – NZ$5,000,000

Deductible – US$1,000,000

Products Liability

Aggregate Limit for the Period of Insurance – NZ$5,000,000

Deductible – US$1,000,000

Exemplary Damages (New Zealand only)

Aggregate Limit for the Period of Insurance – NZ$1,000,000

Deductible – NZ$1,000

Forest & Rural Fires Act

Limit any one Occurrence – NZ$500,000

Deductible – NZ$500

Support of Land or Buildings

Limit any one Occurrence – NZ$500,000

Deductible – NZ$5,000

This policy is not a provision for the Insurer to pay where there are differences in conditions with the global Liability policy arranged with ACE Insurance Ltd.

Cover for “Exemplary Damages”, “Fire Authorities

Memorandum” and “Support or Land or Buildings” is a ground up cover with the Insurer and is not excess of any global liability arrangements.

A certificate of insurance for this Public Liability policy can be obtained from Marsh Ltd, at the contact details on the main Insurance page, and a PDF version will be emailed to you. Alternatively click here to download the PDF..  



The policy does have exclusions that are normally associated with a Public Liability policy.





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