DG Leo Danz receives the Lions Eye Institute Award on behalf of Palmerston North Middle Districts Lions Club. Last year, this club initiated urgent action to facilitate saving the eyesight of a 10-year-old. Along with a grant from LMLCCT, the club raised funds to meet the costs of two eye operations, which proved successful and enabled the girl to gain full sight.



Ophthalmologist Dr Tony Wells and Vesna Wells


The LEI award is for Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation for sight or vision related projects for New Zealand and the South Pacific

Rules and Conditions:

1.The award is to be presented to an individual Lion or Lions Club in Multiple District 202 for the most entrepreneurial and innovative venture for any vision related project or projects of New Zealand and the South Pacific

2.The award will be presented annually at the multiple district convention

3.Entries will close with the District Governor on 30 September.

4.Entries will be submitted to the Executive Officer by 7 February.

5.Entries will be judged on ventures completed during the previous Lions year ended 30 June.

6.The winning club undertakes to (a) Meet the transportation costs of the award to/from the club (b) Engrave the award with the club name and year.

Presentation of Entries:

(a) Particulars of the venture should be presented to the District Governor via email containing no more than 500 words with with such other supportive documentation and photographs as the entrant sees fit.

(b) Entries will be judged by a panel of judges which shall include the MD 202 Council Chairman and two District Governors appointed by the Chairman.






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