The Keith Mitchell Award for Membership Growth, Extension and Retention

PDG Andrew Malloch receives the Keith Mitchell Membership Award on behalf of Hamilton St Andrews Lions Club. This club, under the presidency of William Crook, introduced not only a new member and retained 100% membership, but also sponsored 23 new members to the North Hamilton Lions Club, which chartered in June 2013.


This may be competed for by all financial clubs in Multiple District 202 on a points allocation based on their club's membership growth, extension through establishment of a new club(s) and through the retention of members during the previous Lions fiscal year.

Membership growth, extension and retention figures will be taken from those figures supplied by the club secretary to LCI each month in their MMR reports. The District closing date will be 30 September in each year in respect of the immediately preceding Lions fiscal year. No late entries will be accepted. District judges to be the Cabinet Secretary and District Membership Chairman.

Clubs that have not submitted one or more MMR monthly reports, either electronically or by hard copy, to LCI will not be eligible for this award.

All district entries are to be judged in sufficient time that the top district entry can be confidentially advised and forwarded to the Executive Officer by 7 February of each year. The Executive Officer and the Council Chairman will select the Multiple District winning entry from those submitted.

All entries must be on the official entry form. Click here to download a form.

The areas to be covered by the award will be as follows:

  1.Membership Growth = 2 points per new (not transferred) member retained  for 12 months plus one day;

2.Extension = 10 points for each new club sponsored plus 1 point for each Charter (not transferred) member of that new club;

3.Retention = 2 points per member for net membership increase during the period 1 July to 30 June.

The club with the most points from all three categories will be judged the winner. However, should more than one club have the same number of points based on the above then the winner shall be determined on the basis of the % increase of new members against the club's total membership for that fiscal year. Therefore the club with the greatest % increase in club membership would be judged the winner.

If by any chance that a tie is still recorded then the award is to be shared.

The winning club undertakes to

(a) Meet the transportation costs of the award to/from the club

(b) Engrave the award with their club name and year.








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