The MD202 national office has established a credit card facility on the Lions Clubs New Zealand website . It is only available for the use of VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards.

The facility is available to any District or Club if it wishes to offer payment by credit card for receiving payment for (say) district conventions or projects that may benefit from this method of payment.

If it is decided to make the credit card facility available, the following procedure must be followed to obtain approval.


1. Complete the attached application form and submit it to:
The Executive Officer or
Lions National Office
P O Box 691
Orewa, Hibiscus Coast 0946

2. There is a cost to be paid to the national office for use of the facility based on the value of credit card entries processed. This is a charge by the bank and a small percentage of the payments made. The MD202 national office will deduct this cost before transferring a net amount to the nominated bank account.

3. Money received is credited to the Multiple District bank account and will be transferred, from time to time, to the bank account nominated in the application form.

4. The credit card facility issues an immediate receipt to the card holder when their payment is accepted. A copy of the receipt is emailed to the MD202 Treasurer who will forward each receipt to the contact person named in the application form.

5. The credit card facility will not be available to clubs who promote their activity via an independent website other than through the Lions website

6. The Lions MD202 Webmaster is responsible for:

a. Giving advice to a District or Club to ensure the link is correctly in place; and
b. Making test entries to prove the total process from completion of a registration form to the issue of a receipt for an accepted credit card entry operates correctly; and
c. Ensuring any District or Club website to promote an event and/or provides a registration form includes a tick box that the user must accept before proceeding to the credit card payment process.

7. Terms and Conditions:
The website includes a link to the Multiple District terms and conditions which apply to anyone doing business with the Multiple District via the internet. It is important that any District or Club making application to use the credit card facility is familiar with the fundamental business rules which the Multiple District observes. This is because the applicant is required to provide, on the application form for approval to use the credit card facility, the specific terms and conditions that apply to the particular event or project in the event of cancellation or situations that require a refund of moneys paid.




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