Lions Clubs are not immune to the requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Act 2016 and a summary of the Act’s provisions, as they relate to Lions Club activities, can be found here

An easy to follow Lions Safety Action Plan has been prepared for Distribution to clubs. Even if you are not covered by the Act still take all care to identify and eliminate hazards so no one is hurt during your Lions activities. Your planning must be up to scratch when conducting fundraising and other events.

Make sure each event has a Safety Officer and that proper safety planning is actually done. Record what you do,  and remember to minute the safety action plan in your club business minutes prior to the project date.’

Drafted by the Mangonui Lions Club and kindly made available for all clubs to use. Draft approved by the Legal and Constitutional Chairman.

Click here to download a .PDF of the Lions Clubs Health and Safety Policy and Procedures

Click here to download a .doc of the Lions Clubs Safety Action Plan




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