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Lions Clubs USA established a very successful "Candy Day" project where Members would offer Peppermint Candy to all and sundry, on a one day per year event, netting many thousands of Dollars for their Clubs' activities.lions_mints

In 1976, the Australian Lions, through the efforts of John Douglas of "Life Savers" Australia, and Lions Regional Manager, Jim McLardie, proposed a project that would have "Candy" available 365 days per year.

This proved an outstanding success, and has raised millions of dollars for Australian Clubs' activities, many of which need financial assistance for success.

In the course of a visit to Wellington in 1980 by Australian PID George Higgs, he encouraged PDG Gael Ansell to further explore the establishment of "Lion Mints" in New Zealand after an earlier approach elsewhere had failed.

There was tremendous support from the Australian Lions which culminated in the "Khandallah Club" releasing a major marketing drive to Clubs and first deliveries being made in February 1981.

The rest is history! New Zealand Clubs have netted millions of dollars for their incredibly diverse projects ever since. Hospices, schools, libraries, aquariums, local facilities, hospitals, medical centres, and many more organisations have benefited from this easy to manage and operate "Lions Clubs" project.

If you are not getting your share

Now is the time to join those successful Clubs in what is an easy to start up and operate project.

How to set up your "Lions Mints" project?.

  • Use the Lion Mints order form, for product, dispensers and display cards. Click to download "Mints & Candy Order Form.pdf" (click here to download a free .pdf reader)
  • Obtain permission from local businesses, medical centres, bakeries, banks, clubs such as RSA, lunch bars, motels, wine & spirit merchants, service stations, etc, etc. You'll be pleasantly surprised how supportive these people are of your Lions Club effort.
  • Keep trays filled and collect money regularly.

It's that simple!

  • It's proven to be the perfect fundraiser.
  • Lions Mints work for you 365 days of the year.
  • It's a powerful Public Relations promotion for "Lions" and your Club in particular.
  • Everyone is a winner - purchasers always get something for their "donation"
  • Remember, placing of dispensers can only be limited by your imagination.





Do you realise one dispenser of mints sold per week from one outlet netts a profit of $685.00 per annum.

  • 10 outlets = $6,850.00
  • 20 outlets = $13,700.00
  • Profit to one New Zealand Club has been in excess of $15,000 a year over the last few years, and this results from only four members' efforts.
  • Large and small rural settlements are amongst the most successful Clubs, and like so many throughout New Zealand, find "Lion Mints" their largest provider of project funds.
  • Contact International Mints at the above address if you require more information; otherwise get started by placing an order now.


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