Back in 1971, Ernest Adams created a special cake recipe exclusive to Lions – the cakes were moist, they kept for a long time, and they were delicious!

45 years on, Lions Christmas Cakes are still made to the much-loved original recipe and not sold anywhere else.

  • Over 50% Fruit – Tastes rich and fruity, and keeps well
  • Large 1.2kg cake – Plenty to share with family & friends
  • Great Value! – Premium quality for a competitive price

Minimum order quantity is 1 carton of 6 individual cakes

It really is Christmas Cakes time again!

Lions Christmas Cakes are still made to the original recipe that was developed by Ernest Adams especially for the Lions fundraiser. The packaging has been freshened up, but nothing else has changed. Millions of dollars have been raised over the years—and it has all gone back to the clubs and the community projects they support.

“We have developed a quality product that has been tested by time, specified in the Lions name with all proceeds going to charity. Each individual Lions Club decides what charity they are going to support from the proceeds” specified Lions Christmas Cakes project founder Mike Brooke back in the 1970’s.  This policy remains a hallmark of the annual Lions Christmas Cakes project.

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