Lloyd Morgan Recognitions

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Life Membership

This is the highest honour, and is available to all Lions, Lioness, Leos and members of their families, and at the discretion of the Trustees, such other persons whose contributions to Lions deserves special recognition. Recipients of this most prestigious honour receive a gold framed certificate and a distinctive red lapel pin.

Suggested Donation $600.

Honoured Recognition

This is available for presentation to Lions, Lioness, Leos, and other members of the community, to recognise outstanding service to the Lions organisation or the community at large. Recipients receive a gold framed certificate and a distinctive blue lapel pin.

Suggested Donation $300.

Friend of the Trust

Available to anyone who wishes to show their belief in the value of the Trust. A white lapel pin is issued, and this category may be used as a stepping stone to higher awards, which are recognised as soon as the minimum required contribution is reached.

Suggested Donation $100

Honour Roll

The Honour Roll is displayed electronically at District Conventions and the actual Honour Roll is available for viewing at MD Conventions. The roll perpetuates the memory of Lions, Lioness, and Leos who have passed away, and who gave so much of themselves to their Club and to others. A framed certificate may be issued on request. Contributions are left to the Club’s discretion.

Benefactor Recognition

Available for presentation to any organisation or individual whom Clubs feel have supported their Club or community, or to any organisations or individuals who want to support the ideals and objectives of our Lions Trust. A gold framed certificate is issued.

Suggested Donation for Commercial organisations NZ$600

or for Individuals or clubs NZ $300

       A Form of Bequest by Will

I give the sum of $ to the Lloyd Morgan Lions Cubs Charitable Trust for the general charitable purposes of the Trust (or for a particular specified purpose) and I declare that the receipt of the Secretary or Treasurer of the Trust shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my Trustee.


In lieu of a floral tribute a donation to:

The Lloyd Morgan Lions Clubs Charitable Trust

PO Box 1335

Palmerston North

       Club Recognition

Every Year Lions Clubs in MD202 are invited contribute to the Lloyd Morgan Lions Clubs Charitable Trust with a $10.00 per member donation.

It is the responsibility of your District Trustee to send these forms, with a covering letter and requesting that Clubs take up the opportunity of receiving “Club Recognition”.

A recognition year pennant will be sent to the Clubs and should be displayed beneath their original recognition

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