Committees / Karori


This group under the chairmanship of Anne Dunlop have the tasks of ensuring that PR and marketing material is up to standard, promoting our facebook page and making our Club presence visible  . Alice is responsible for updating the Club website with contributions from the members. Trevor is the editor of 'The Roar', the Club Bulletin.

Committee Members: Joanne Knight


In general the Membership committee are responsible for:

  • New members – working with the Board on initiatives to attract new members
  • Orientation – providing orientation sessions for new members
  • Retention – encouraging good relations and strategies within the club membership to allow for maximum retention of existing members
  • Leadership training – arranging for members to access and participate in leadership and or training programmes that are provided by the Club / District / Multiple District.
  • Accessing and using LCI initiatives e.g. Global Membership Team / Global Leadership Team
  • Extension – being aware of the possibility, identifying opportunities, working with the Board, and relevant Cabinet officers, to charter new clubs or branches in the area.

Committee Members: Jo Cameron

Programme & Social

In general the Programme & Social committee are to arrange Guest Speakers for the Dinner Meetings, organise Club visitations and other outings / social events including the Club Christmas function, and ensure that all Lions (especially new members) and visitors (including Guest Speakers) are looked after at any of the meetings or outings.

Additionally the supervision of the Greeter and Bar Steward and the preparation of the Rosters for these roles at dinner meetings are the responsibility of the Director. Where the club is providing the bar supplies and service, the Director is to establish a subcommittee to manage this function.

Committee Members: Vicki Squires


In general the duties of the Projects committee are to manage all existing club projects, plan and carry out any new projects desired by the club, oversee the Karnival project and the Karori Garden trail project, and oversee all Health and Safety planning and activity.

This committee works closely with the Public Relations team / Communications for all advertising and promotion, the Lion Tamer for the deployment of resources and the Treasurer in relation to all project budgets.

Committee Members: Grant Berry, Pam Berry

Youth & Community

In general the Youth & Community committee are to review applications for funding assistance, encourage participation in the Youth projects of the District (Peace Poster Contest, Youth Exchange and Young Speechmaker) maintain a presence in the community regarding possible Lions service projects, assist the wider community with regard to collections, food-bank and personal assistance to individuals where appropriate, run Visibility Day and promote Lions, and assist the Board in identifying appropriate recipients of the club’s fundraising endeavours.

Additionally, representation by a Lions member at various community committee / liaison meetings is the responsibility of this committee.

Committee Members: Tom Lumb




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