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Thinking of joining Lions,

come join The Pride of the Valley

Do you know what Lions do?

Simply we help people in our community various ways.

What does Lower Hutt (Host) Lions Club do

  • We enjoy ourselves
  • We carry out ‘hands-on’ projects in our community and with other Lions Clubs.
  • We raise funds for, and give physical assistance to, charitable projects.
  • We maintain and operate a Lions Train and Mini Golf on Avalon Park.
  • We drive local blind people to their monthly social get together.
  • We assist organisations with their annual appeal collections.
  • We work with other volunteer groups within our community
We foster a spirit of understanding among peoples of differing ages, ethnicity and background

What do we volunteer within the club?

  • We share an evening meal and meeting on alternate Tuesdays twice a month, and hearing interesting guest speakers.
  • We become involved on a committee to help organize the activities of the Club.
  • We work on projects as our home and work commitments allow.

What we get in return

  • The close friendship of club members and their families.
  • The ability to assist those less fortunate than yourself.
  • The satisfaction of being able to achieve service we could not achieve on our own.
  • Fun and enjoyment from meeting and working alongside like-minded people.
  • A range of low cost self development opportunities.
  • As with any organisation, the friendships, satisfaction and self development do depend on the amount we are prepared to be involved.

What does it cost to be a Lion?

Our subscription is currently $45.00 per six months, plus the cost of your meal when attending the fortnightly meeting

How much time does it take in being a Lion?

As much as you want – a minimum expectation is to attend regular fortnightly meetings (1 business meeting and 1 with a guest speaker) and you participate in the rosters for either the Lions Train or the Mini golf (usually about once a month). . Our rule is that your family and job comes first, and then any time you can find for Lions.

The Mini Golf and Train rosters mean an afternoon of your time 12.45 pm until approx 4.30 pm. You can choose which project you prefer (to drive the train you need to have a current drivers licence – we provide training and you are rostered on with another Lions member). We operate both projects every weekend (weather permitting) and during school holidays with the assistance of another local Lions Club. 

Come down to Avalon Park and visit us and have a chat with the one of the members or you can contact us by email at lowerhutthost@lionsclubs.org.nz

When and where we meet

  • We meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month for a dinner meeting.
  • At the Pavilion, Avalon Park, Taita Drive, Lower Hutt
  • Commencing 6 pm for friendship, a meal at 6.30 followed by either a guest speaker, or general business, closing at about 8.30 pm.



Postal Address

P.O. Box 30-628,Lower Hutt

Meeting Times


Send Email Club President:
Owen Palamountain
Send Email Secretary Email lowerhutthost@lionsclubs.org.nz:
Richard Geroge
Send Email Club Treasurer:
Jill Hartstonge




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