Young Speechmakers Final in Dannevirke

A great crowd of 70 or more people attended the South School to hear 13 young people contest for the first three places to go to the National Finals in Auckland on August 17th

The National winner will have four to six weeks holiday in Canada and the US, accomaodation , food and travel pain for by Lions New Zealand.

Our winner was Kerry McNully from Silveerstream, her prepared speech was on career choices making you happy.

The second place getter was Wharemako Paewai from Dannevirke who chose for his prepared speech The Binge Drinking Culture in New Zealand and how Maori are adopting this culture.

Third place getter  Edward Joseph Small spoke of the Inspirational voice which helps make dreams come true.

All contestants had the same impromptu - chosen by the judges - "global warming is a fact not fiction.

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