Dannevirke Host

                                                      En varm velkomst til alle


                                                     En varm velkomst til alle

                                                  or as we say in Dannevirke

                                                   A WARM WELCOME TO ALL

                               Dannevirke, roughly translated means 'Danes Work".       

Dannevirke was founded on 15th October 1872 by Danish, Norwegian and Swedish settlers and soon became the centre of a major timber processing area, gaining the nickname "sleeper town"  due to the vast number of railway sleepers produced.

In 1962 Dannevirke Lions was founded, to serve the residents and community of Dannevirke.

 Now with 50 years of service, Dannevirke Lions members, past and present have become part of the very fabric of Dannevirke.


                                                     WELCOME TO OUR LIONS CLUB

                                                                   & DANNEVIRKE.


Postal Address

P.O. Box 64Dannevirke

Meeting Times

Dannevirke Host
6pm (social) 6.30 pm , 2nd Wednesday Social Night , 4th Wednesday Business Night
Services and Citizens Club, Queen Street, Dannevirke


Send Email Club President:
Michael Harold
Phone: 374 5725
Send Email Club Secretary:
Lindy Thompson
Phone: 06 374 8650
Mobile: 027 340 1589
Send Email Club Treasurer:
Sherynn Harold
Phone: 374 5725
Send Email Club Membership Chairperson:
Alan Holmes
Phone: 06 3746090




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