Committees / Wairoa Lighthouse


These Ladies take care of keeping all memebers informed of upcoming events

Committee Members: Trudy Clark, Caryl Mercer, Heather Walker

Charitable Trust

Charitable Trust chair is Chris Ramsay

Committee Members: Trudy Clark, Judy Knight, Caryl Mercer, June Norris, Chris Ramsay


House chair is Jill Haynes

Committee Members: Sue Brown, Daphne Dixon, Jill Haynes, Judy Knight, Lyn Wills


Membership chair is Janice Johnson

Committee Members: Janice Johnson, June Norris, Robin Zeilstra


Programme Chair is Yvonne Nairn

Committee Members: Sylvia Hall, Janice Johnson, Kimberley Mahy, Yvonne Nairn, June Norris, Chris Ramsay


Project chair is Kathy Grant

Committee Members: Kathy Grant, Avril Lewis, Linda-Anne Martin, Julie Morton, Heather Sexton, Robin Zeilstra

Social Services

Social Services chair is Julie Morton

Committee Members: Peggy Andrews, Daphne Dixon, Priscilla Forrest, Julie Morton, Jess Passmore, Lyn Wills




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