To the club which may not be the top in an individual area but has the best all round performance.

Criteria of the LCI Club Excellence Award

  1. CLUB IN GOOD STANDING – International per capita taxes and new member entrance fees are paid in full and there is no outstanding balance of US$50 or more that is ninety (90) days or more past due.

  2. SERVICE – The club has conducted at least three service projects.

  3. CONTRIBUTION — The club has made a contribution to LCIF.

  4. MEMBERSHIP – The club achieved a net growth in membership or sponsored a new club or branch. The new members attended an orientation and were properly inducted into the Lions club.

  5. COMMUNICATION – The club has publicised the club’s service activities to the public through local media and effectively communicated activities to club members.

  6. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT – All officer positions were filled in accordance with the constitution and by-laws by qualified Lions, a majority of the club officers participated in a leadership training program at the zone, district, multiple district or international level and the club was represented at zone meetings.

  7. CLUB DEVELOPMENT – The club has hosted regular and meaningful club meetings and submitted the Monthly Membership Report, the Service Activity Report, and the Club Officer Report (PU-101) in a timely manner.

    Additional Criteria includes

  8. The Club has made a donation to LMLCCT

  9. The Club was represented at (at least) two Zone meetings

  10. The Club was represented at the President’s Weekend

  11. The Club had their full quota of voting delegates attend the business session of the previous 202M District Convention

  12. The club participated in at least two LCI, MD202, or District 202M endorsed activities.

    Examples include (but are not limited to);

    LCI = Global Service Action Campaigns, World Induction Day, etc. MD202 = Kan tabs for Kidney Kids, Heads Up for Kids, etc.

    District = Peace Poster Contest, Camp Quality, Speechmaker Contest, etc.




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