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202L District Banking Trust

The 202L District Banking Trust is available to ALL Lions Clubs within the 202L Lions District.

The Trust

The purpose of the Trust is to provide a permanent fund capable of generating income to assist Lions Clubs to meet the community needs and provide assistance in an emergency or when immediate action is needed. It is the responsibility of the Trustees to ensure that the Trust is operated within the parameters of the Trust Deed.

The Principal Trustees of the Banking Trust are the District Governor, Immediate Past District Governor(s) and Vice District Governor who retain that position whilst in office. In addition there are provisions in the Trust Deed to for the cabinet to appoint up to four Special Trustees. These trustees are normally appointed for a three years term but the cabinet may, depending on circumstances, vary this term. All special Trustees are eligible for reappointment after their term has expired.

The Trustees meet quarterly to consider any application for grants. Urgent requirements for funds can be approved outside of these meetings if necessary.

Bank of New Zealand, Hamilton, are the Trusts bankers. Funds deposited with the Trust are available to clubs at all times. However, the administrators require notification prior to any withdrawal exceeding $5,000

The Club Funds, together with the capital base, which has accumulated over many years, are invested by the Trust. It is from the interest generated on the total funds that grants are available to clubs, on application to projects.


Categories of Grants Available

General Grants

Grants are available, on application, to all clubs within District.

Applications for grants should be made only after all other avenues for fund raising have been exhausted.

These grants should be seen as a top up to a project, which would have otherwise failed through lack of funds. The application forms are also available from your District Governor or from The Lions Clubs District Banking Trust 

Download Grant Application.pdf

Achievers Grants

These grants are available only to Clubs who have been members of the Banking Trust for at least one year.

They are for either personal or group development outside of the education system and are administrated by the club making the application.

For application forms and conditions are also available from your District Governor or from The Lions Clubs District Banking Trust .

Clubs do not have to be members of the banking Trust to qualify for general grants for Club projects. However it goes with out saying that if all Clubs participated in the scheme there would be more funds available for projects the qualified.

Download Achiever Grant Application.pdf

NOTE: This Grant is only available to members of the Banking Trust 


Skills Programmes

Applications for grants for the District Skills Programme are made on behalf of the Clubs by the District Skills Co-ordinator prior to the training-taking place.

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