Lions District 202L Convention Saturday Session

by Peter Knox | 
Saturday 23rd February 2013

District Governor Sara welcomed members of the official partners, visitors and fellow Conventioneers.

1st VP Richard Norris introduced our International Director, one of our own, Richard told us of the many attributes that Lion Sheryl processes. Lion Richard told us of his pleasure of being with Lion Sheryl as she was elected to the position of International Director.

ID Sheryl spoke of the support she has had to date in her new position, Sheryl presented her keynote speech. She spoke of her role and the experiences she and her husband Kevin to date. ID Sheryl challenged us to look into the mirror, view how others see us, work as a team. Each club is different, each has a culture of its own. Growth is an important factor in a healthy club.

The ANZI forum will be at Bali in 2014, a place that is special, a place that will be flamboyant, have look at your opportunities to attend this event. It will be different.

Our International President’s theme “In a World of Service” was presented and ID Sheryl told us of of The Reading Action program which IP Wayne has a special place for. There are many programs that we carry out internationally and locally.

How positive are you at promoting your lions club?, the best out of your club. Be proud and take pride in being a Lion, cheer and clap, make sure everyone do you tell people about what we do? do you tell people about what you get out of Lions? Do you get counts and let them know they count..

ID Sheryl thanked us all for the work that we do for our community, for our service and our commitment.

2nd VP Paula McWha thanked ID Sheryl for her presentation and spoke of her commitment to our organisation. DG Sara followed Lion Paula’s remarks and present Sheryl with $500.00 towards a progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship.

International President’s Awards. presented by DG Sara and ID Sheryl Jensen

Lion Margaret Brasting,  Global Membership Team

PDG Alan Schofield, Global Leadership Team


Award for Past International President Win Kum Tan

IPD Andrew Malloch.

Business Session starts

Lion Jim Towersey presented the invocation

Candidate presentations were carried out by the following:

District Governor                       Richard Norris

Vice District Governor               Paula McWha

2nd Vice District Governor           Jim Towersey

Morning Tea

DG Sara introduced the age extremes in our District

Age 19                                      Trent Webby    

Age 86                                      PDG Neil Motion

DG Sara introduced Council Chairman Eric Carter amongst other things Eric has been involved with Habitat for Humanity and the Special Olympics, He is a Trustee for the Liver Transplant Trust amongst his many other Lions roles.

CC Eric Thanked the Bethlehem Te Puna Lions for their efforts in organising this convention , The Cancer Society’s’ Lions Lodge and the International Youth Camp, both great projects of 202L and you all deserve a pat on the back. He mentioned the passion of PDG Andrew Malloch had for this District while he was DG last year. CC Eric congratulated the District on presenting sch an awesome International Director.

This year’s MD Convention is in Christchurch, the theme  “The Crusade goes ON!” Book now, support Christchurch, support Lions.

Lion Trevor Scott, Lions Club of Hamilton Chartwell extended a vote of thanks for his works.

Election Results

By unanimous decision the following results were presented

District Governor (Elect)                                    Richard Norris

Vice District Governor (Elect)                 Paula McWha

2nd Vice District Governor (Elect)            Jim Towersey

The Business of the District was carried out and these will be available in the minutes of Annual General Meeting.

Prior to lunch presentations were made on the following items:

                        Heads up for kids                     PD Andrew Malloch

                        Lions Alert                                DG Elect Richard Norris

                        Discover Tauranga Walkways     Welcome Bay Lions

Lunch               Club Presidents spent time with International Director Sheryl Jensen

After lunch presentations continued.

                        Balloons over Waikato               Peter Knox / Andrew Malloch / Margaret Brasting

                        Bid for 2014 Convention                        Morrinsville Lions

                        Bid for 2015 Convention                        Kihikihi Lions


                        Club Growth                              Peter Knox / Murray McAlistar

The presentation was based around the theme that a club will have natural growth if its members are proud of what they do, they will spread the word themselves.

Social Media                             Rex Bullard

Rex stepped thru webpages, facebook, linkedin, Twitter

Youth                                       Fred Hansen

Fay Coxhead Youth Grant          Bob Pollock

Business Review - Raglan          Bob McLeod

                        International Youth Camp           Bianca Johns

A vote of thanks was extended to Forum presenters by Zone Chairman Ruby Mills.


The winner of the Environmental photo Contest

Gerald Williamson, Katikati Lions Club

District Awards by Andrew Malloch

                        Club Participation Award                        Otorohanga Lions Club

                        Clem Barker Best Lioness                      South Hamilton Lioness

                        Membership – David Armstrong             Taupo Pakeke

                        Membership – Net Increase                    Ngongotaha

                        Membership – Net Percenatge               Ngongotaha

                        Youth Award                                         Ngongotaha

                        Youth Activity – Brian Hudson                Opotiki

                        Humanitarian Youth Award – J&I Hutton Tauranga Pakeke

                        Quiet Lioness                                        Christine Potter

                        Quiet Lion                                             Paul Masters

                        District Club Efficiency                          Hamilton Chartwell

                        Peace Poster                                        Otumoetai  

                        Best Community Service                        Bethlehem Te Puna

                        Humanitarian Service                             Hamilton Dinsdale

                        Bulletin – Electronic                               Tauranga Sunrise, Pam Hawkins

                        Bulletin – Hardcopy                               Bethlehem Te Puna, Alf Holst

                        Bulletin – Supreme                                Bethlehem Te Puna, Alf Holst

                        Leadership                                            Jim Towersey

                        Club President’s                                    Warren Feek, Matamata

                        Environmental                                       Raglan

                        Premier Club                                         Raglan

District Governor Sara came forward and congratulated Lion Bob McLeod on the efforts of the Raglan Lions Club. The time has come to close the business session and DG Sara thanked all Lions for their work, for what they do in their community.

That is it from me, another good Convention, plenty of good people, lots of new ideas. Now is the time to go home and get ready, it’s time to party. Tomorrow we will remember those who have passed on, another special day.

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