Lions 202L Convention Friday Evening

by Peter Knox | 
Saturday 23rd February 2013

Convention Chairman Colin Gill kicked the Convention off at 7.15pm. With the curtain raising we were treated to a magnificent stage setting that will set the scene for this weekend ahead. “Anchors Away”

Convention Chair welcomed our District Governor Sarah Patrick to come forward and introduce who Guests, these included International Director Sheryl Jensen & Zone Chairman Kevin, MD 202 Chairman Eric Carter & Karen, Mayor of Tauranga Stuart Crosby & Lesley, Hon MP Simon Power, Graham Patrick and her fellow District Governors from MD202.1st VP Richard Norris & Avril, 2nd VP Paula McWha & Robert, President of Bethlehem TePuna Lions Club Martin Buchanan.

President Martin extended a warm welcome to this Convention, His pride as the leader of a great organising team was there for all to see, he left no doubt of the theme of this event and what you may expect ahead..

Hon MP Simon Bridges addressed the group and in his enthusiastic manner brought plenty of laughs from those attending. Hon MP Simon thanked Lions for what they do for the country and region.

Mayor Stuart Crosby was welcomed to the lectern by Lion Stu Gray. An ex Lion from Papamoa, Mayor Stuart is no stranger to the Lions organisation.

Mayor Stuart welcomed the conventioneers to Tauranga City, he spoke of his international travels, what makes New Zealand the place it is. He spoke for the challenge for Lions to cater for the many different nationalities. He shared his experiences within Lions and certainly expressed that it is the power of a group of people that achieves the most. His experience in Lions gave him the confidence and helped his leadership  skills as he moved into local politics. He spoke of the young people and how they assisted with the Rena clean up. He challenged us all to look at ways of getting these young people into our organisation. At the conclusion of his welcome Mayor Stuart declared our Convention 2013 opened.

Council Chairman Eric Carter came forward and introduced our very own International Director Sheryl Jensen and her husband Zone Chairman Kevin. Lion Sheryl has introduced 14 new Lions to our organisation.

ID Lion Sheryl addressed our convention and she reminded us of our Lions badge, A Lion facing forward and a Lion facing backwards, she challenged us to take risk, make changes. Be confident that we can succeed. Lion Sheryl will address our convention tomorrow as our keynote speaker.

1st VP Richard Norris passed a vote of thanks to Hon MP Simon, Mayor Stuart & our own International Director Sheryl.

DG Sara in a very very brief speech welcome Flag Ceremony Chairman Past International Director Cliff Heyward as per his request. PID

Lion Doug Taranaki from the Lions Club of Cambridge accepted the flags of each country as they are brought  forward by young achievers from our community.

PID Cliff brought to us the story of the start of our nation and how new immigrants and trade was introduced to this country. The first flag of Tango followed by that from the Netherlands acknowledging that great sailor Abel Tasman. The flag of Great Britain came forward and you guested it, that great explorer Captain Cook was acknowledged.

Durmont Durville landed at French Pass and Akoroa is a place that now a place that the French came to reside, the French flag was presented.

Prior to 1914 10,000 German immigrants came to New Zealand and settled in the Nelson region, with them they brought grapes and of course the German Flag. Ireland was feeling the pinch, in 1840, gold rush and farming was the call to New Zealand  and there too was the Irish Flag.

South China faced famine and over population, it was hard for the Chinese to settle here due to tough immigration laws, gold and fruit shops were where they headed in those early, the Chinese flag.

Then came the Aussies and their flag, we share our history books yet when there is adversity we stick together, The flag of Aussie sung with all the passion Waltzing Matilda.

The USA flag from the home of our International President Wayne Madden, the entire convention stood to recognise the flag from the home of Lions.

A winning partnership, the flag of the United Nations and Lions Clubs International, together we make a difference, what a partnership, working together to make  a better world.

Finally the flag that this Lion has so much pride for, the flag that stands for what we all believe in, our country

Nick Manders, our Musical Director, son of our very own DG Sara, to say the least we saw one very proud mum, Nick gave an awesome musical support  to the Flag Ceremony presented by PID Cliff, this was right up there with the best, Congratulations to all behind the scenes,

PDG Alan Schofield introduced Bruce Scott Retired Assistant Commissioner, Regional Commander Auckland and many other organisations including Scouts. Bruce is our guest speaker tonight.

Bruce is going to share some of his experiences and what he has learnt though those experiences.

Bruce spoke of his early experiences in the Police and the simple things that they had available to him, his skills in scouts have helped in his life, how those skills always come back to you when they are needed. The greatest thing we can do for our young people is to give them leadership skills, Scouts, Rotary and Lions all offer these opportunities to our community. Teach them delegation, teamwork, in a voluntary organisation people belong because that they want to belong, the want to be involved, make sure they are involved, lastly keep up with the changes in technology. Don’t get left behind. Continue to teach your own members and those that will become part of your organisation in the future.

Regional Chairman Glenys Due came forward and thanked our Guest Speaker for his presentation.

DG Sara returned to the stage for a final roundup, thanking everyone for a wonderful evening, the scene is set for tomorrow.

This brought to a close this the first day of our Convention


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