This page shows images that are iconic to the town of Milton

The Tokomairiro Co-operating Parish Church, formerly Milton Presbyterian Church.  The building was designed by R.A. Lawson.  It was opened in 1889.

The entrance to Taylor Park which is located between Tokomairiro High School and Salmond Creek at the north end of the town.  Facilities include the camping ground, swimming pool and other recereational facilities.

These signs which are located at the northern and southern entrances to the town welcome travellers to Milton

The Cenotaph, or servicemen's memorial is located in the centre of the town.

Built in 1902 to commemorate the coronation of King Edward VII, the Coronation Hall is a popular venue for many public functions.

Formerly Tokomairiro District High School, Tokomairiro High School, located at the northern end of the town was founded in 1966.  Many of the original buildings have beet replaced with modern facilities well suited to meet todays education needs.

Established in 1897 as Bruce Woollen Co., the company became part of Alliance Textiles Ltd. during the 1960's.  In recent years the business has changed hands several times and continues to run on a much reduced scale.  Part of the factory building is now used to produce insulation for houses and other buildings.  The office, shown above, is now mainly used for storage.

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