The North Otago Lions were very proud to hand over a cheque to the Otago Regional Rescue Helicopter trust.

When they had an opportunity to do a book promotion for Allyson Gofton's new book in conjunction with Paper Plus, the ladies from The North Otago Lions voted to give all tickets sales to the Otago Regional Rescue Helicopter Trust. They felt that it was a deserving recipient’s as most people in North Otago have either used the service or know of someone who has needed the service.

Savings lives 24/7, the Otago Regional Rescue Helicopter provides emergency rescue service to people and communities across the lower South Island, 365 days a year and will be up and flying in under five minutes. They retrieve and stabilize patients when every second counts.

To the 22nd July the Rescue Helicopter had flown 35 missions for July with ages ranging from 1 to 85 years old and covered a distance from Christchurch in the north to Stewart Island in the south.

Every year the Otago Rescue Helicopter Trust needs to raise between $500,000 and $1m per annum, depending on emergency growth, to support the cost of leasing the helicopter, as well as maintaining pilots, paramedics and support crew, who must be permanently ready to respond to emergency calls.

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