Lions seats throughout the village

For those of you that enjoy the great walking tracks and viewing spots around Lake Tekapo, thirteen oak seats were carved and positioned by the Lake Tekapo Lions several years ago.  (‘The year of the convention at Rakaia,’ Lion Ivan tells me. ‘The year we won the Winton Trophy’, adds Lion Bryan.) It gets harder and harder these days to get a straightforward date for an answer…..

            A large oak was to be chopped down outside the Dobson Motels by the Kimbell pub and cut up for firewood. Horrified that such great timber was to meet its end in such a way, the Lake Tekapo Lions traded three cords of their firewood for the tree itself. They cut it down, milled it and stored it out Rollesby way at Ivan Eason’s station. It spent 18 months out there slowly drying. Ivan, with quite a bit of involvement from Bruce Scott, created these seats all of the same design and the Lions installed them. Not sure if I’ve sat on all thirteen of them yet but perhaps there’s a challenge out there for you to discover all thirteen and enjoy a little rest and be thankful for the spectacular view that each one allows you to experience.

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