This small club of just 32 members is proud of the volunteering efforts of its members in raising significant funds that benefit the community each year. Over the past year the Lake Tekapo Lions have contributed generously towards worldwide disasters and local causes. At their September meeting the Lions of the Lake Tekapo Club moved to contribute a further sum of $19 000.

Lake Tekapo School
          re equipment for the Green Room – digital piano     $1300

Tekapo Emergency Events Team
          re emergency blankets and hot water bottles            $ 200

Lake Tekapo Bright Stars Trust
          re equipment                                                              $3000

Lake Tekapo Voluntary Fire Brigade                                 
          re new vehicle and equipment                                   $1000

Lions Club International Foundation                                 
     re recent international                                                     $2000

Lloyd Morgan Lions Clubs Charitable Trust                        $  500

South Canterbury Camp Quality                                         $  500

Chasing a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes                                   $1000

Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust                           $1000

South Canterbury Hospice                                                  $1000

Moreh Home                                                                        $2000

Guide Dogs                                                                         $1000

Ian Simpson Support Fund                                                 $2000

Ranui House                                                                       $1000

Firewood trees for future Lions                                          $2000

                                                                                          $19 000

Throughout the year this club will continue to sponsor and support projects, trips, events and disasters as and when they arise.

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