A few photos of Geraldine Lions, some social and also some fund raising activities.


Geraldine Lions have been planting trees as part of the "Roadside pride", on a piece of one time industrial land at Rangitata island near Geraldine along the side the SH1.







Clearing tracks on Geraldine mountain bike tracks


On the 10th Sep we in South Canterbury had one of the strongest gales we have had in many years. Winds up to 220 kilometres an hour (the equivalent of extreme hurricane force on the Beaufort scale). Power lines down and people without power for up to a week. There has also been a very large number of trees blown down. We the Geraldine Lions have been out clearing the Geraldine Lions Bike Tracks. We had about 4 teams out with chain saws and 4 tractors. I think altogether we had 22 people mostly Lions but also members of the public, for which we are very grateful Here are a few photos of the clearance in progress.



Oliver Scott

Oliver Scott is a young boy with serious problems. Geraldine Lions were able to help him. We were in 2007 able to help a young girl Claudia Sutcliffe with similar problems to Oliver with the provision of a trike. Claudia has now grown out of the trike, so as her mother returned it to the club we have now been able to provide Oliver with it, who as can been seen is now enjoying his trike.



Biking group

We have a biking group at Geraldine Lions, which meets every Sunday morning for a bike ride through the stunning countryside around Geraldine. We are a group of people of all ages and cycling abilities. We also often organize weekend trips further afield staying overnight in hotels.  


Curling at Lake Tekapo

Always ready to try something new. So on a bright sunny day in winter Geraldine Lions had a trip to Lake Tekapo to try Curling we were the guests of the Tekapo Curling Club. None of us had tried curling before, and all very much enjoyed the experience.  After several games and of few "wee drams" we went to the Tekapo Tavern for an evening meal. A great day out to warm up our southern winter. Below are a few photos we took.

A few photographs

To see Lake Tekapo in winter is a delightful experience, it is beautiful in any season but especially so as on the really sunny winter day that we had.


Geraldine Lions Challenge bike ride.

Ran yearly, this is a competitive bike ride for all with different classes from small children up to serious adult riders. Organized and run by the Geraldine Lions assisted by the Geraldine Lioness Club. It's run mostly along the mountain bike tracks starting and ending at Geraldine race course. The race is suitable for all riders, from serious competitors, to families, kids and even riders of shall we say certain years.

 Visit the Geraldine Lions Bike Challenge web site, click here


State of the art, purposely built - the one and only Geraldine Lions BBQ.


Wood Splitting.

Among our many fund raising activities, we sell firewood, this is one of the wood splitters in use.  


Log cutting and splitting is hard work but well worth it, as demonstrated by the amount of money we are able to raise for worthy causes by carrying out such projects.


Fertilizer Drive

We have been carrying out our fertilizer drive for many years. Here you see Lions club members preparing the bags for filling with the different types of fertilizer. We sell about eight deferent sorts.



Bagging of fertilizer in progress, in a member's farm barn. 


Weighing of fertilizer bags

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