Special Needs Tricycle

by Dave Doy | 
Tuesday 29th August 2017

Approximately 8 years ago Geraldine Lions purchased with monies we had raised locally, a child’s special needs mobility tricycle.  This was used in turn by 2 children in Geraldine. It then became available once more when it was out grown by the current rider. We looked to place it again with a suitable child, but no child in Geraldine required it.  So after looking further afield and we decided to give this cycle to Highfield School in Timaru, who were delighted to receive it. The bike was taken and proudly handed over to the school by Geraldine Lions members Mike and Jane Thomas. Jane said they were honoured to present the tricycle on behalf of Geraldine Lions.

Highfield school teacher Joan Watson said.  “The tricycle would be used by most pupils, it’s great for providing help with motor skills, which most students need assistance with”.  The tricycle which has special enclosed pedals also has a removable handle at the back to help with guidance.   

Lion Mike Thomas said.  “It gives us great pleasure to do this”.   

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