Aug 5th 2017 Curling trip

by Dave Doy | 
Thursday 10th August 2017

Last weekend on the 5th Aug 2017 the Geraldine Lions Club together with spouses, partners, and guests, had a great day out to go curling at Tekapo outdoor curling rink. The weather was excellent, sunny with the temperature just below freezing. For those of you that don’t know Tekapo, it’s up in the NZ Southern Alps about an hour’s drive from Geraldine via Burks Pass.

The trip was very well arranged by our member Ron Taylor, and the curling itself was very enjoyable excellently managed by Tekapo Lions Club many thanks to them and also to Ron.  Curling is something we have done before. However none of us are very proficient at it, one or two had played lawn bowls and the scoring is similar. Speaking for myself it does not appear to be very much like the indoor curling one sees on TV during the Winter Olympics. Which seems to be a very gentle game with just a slight push of the stone to get it moving a good distance. No, the outdoors ice is much rougher, and requires a good push to get the stones up and into the target area. The ice did however get faster as it was walked on, so much so that by the end of the day instead of us having difficulty getting the stones to slide far enough we had problems stopping them in time.

Surprise surprise on the way back we called at the Pub in Kimble, as you do. We had a bar meal and a beer. We had hired two mini buses with designated drivers or no worries about police checks.

So, all in all it was a good day out with some good company, it's times like that that one reslises what a good organisations the Lions are.

Many thanks to all who had a hand in arranging the day out and also to the ladies who accompanied us.

Dave Doy

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