Multi Challenge Report July 2017

by Allan Kelly | 
Tuesday 1st August 2017

Not much to report Next meeting Thursday 20th July so I will give a
report at tea meeting.
For those members who thought of taking up biking but considered their
body not up to it - think again. We have one member of the club who has
purchased an E Bike (battery powered that assists the rider by providing
power) when the going gets tough and especially on hill climbs. Alan
Watts, after considerable searching what was available in the way of E
Bikes has a charming new E Bike. I have had the pleasure of riding with
Alan on three occasions and believe it is a big break- through in allowing
the ageing or people with a slight disability to continue with a wonderful
form of exercise. Speak to Alan. E Bikers can join our weekly rides on
Sunday mornings 10.30 am from Nevin Risk's front gate and also our
Spring and Autumn trips away.
Talking of trips away. Members interested in our trip away Friday 3rd
November to Sunday 5th November contact anyone from Multi Challenge
committee with your ideas where we should go
Regards Allan K.
Note: The above is an un-solicited article and the writer was not paid
anything for writing it. Ed.

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