Of the 1.3 million Lions Club International members approximately 67 of them are right here in Geraldine, and are members of the Geraldine Lions Club. We are a club for all ages, both men and women are very welcome to join and become members.


Our main activities, are to raise money for international and national causes, and also of course for causes in and around Geraldine. These activities are both numerous and eclectic. But it's not all work and no play, these activities also lead to our other “reason to be”, and that is social. Numerous social activities also take place through out the year – barbecues, trips out, parties etc.

Lions Club International are in the main an organisation that invites it's members to join, but we are nonetheless very pleased to hear form anyone who is interested in joining us. So we need your help. If you are willing to help us in our efforts to raise funds for numerous good causes please contact us though our contacts page.  

Links :-

The Geraldine Multi Challenge, to visit our web site, click here

Visit our Facebook page, click here

Meeting Times

5.30 pm for 6.30 pm , 4th Wednesday of the month
Geraldine Heritage Hotel (AKA The Crown), Talbot Street, Geraldine


Send Email President:
Malcolm Lill
Phone: 036937667
Mobile: 021361380
Send Email 2nd Vice President:
Richard Coutts
Phone: 036937356
Mobile: 0272384862
Send Email 1st Vice President:
Tony Gregan
Send Email Imm. Past President:
David Mackenzie
Phone: 036939145
Mobile: 0212266530
Send Email Secretary:
John Peterson
Phone: 036939437
Send Email Treasurer:
Perry Chaney

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23 November 2018
Posting on this web site

Plunket playground

22 November 2018
Creation of children's playground

Geraldine Christmas parade

22 November 2018
Geraldine Christmas parade

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22 November 2018
Various see text




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