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Nature has certainly reminded us who is boss this past month and I feel sorry for animals who are still standing and sleeping in mud.  However as one farmer told me “it’s softer than sleeping on concrete”.  We can be grateful for our homes, sufficient food, and adequate warm clothing.

Thank you to all presidents who were able to attend on 29th July – you seem a pretty good bunch with enthusiasm and drive to maintain our vibrant organisation – I’m sure you’ll have a good year.  We have an enthusiastic group representing you on Cabinet and we’ll all do our best to achieve the goals set for the district.  One such goal is that all Cabinet members introduce one new member during the year
– it doesn’t have to be in their own club or even district.  I’m also asking all Presidents to introduce one new member to their respective clubs – I hope it’s not too much to ask and my thinking behind this is that it inspires all members to recruit.  It may also be easier to ask people to assist with a project or two and then invite them to a club “gathering”  (rather than meeting).  I look forward to hearing of your success.

Although Dunedin North club has decided to close we are holding their charter for a year and have started working on establishing a new club at Otago University.  We intend asking a few younger members in the Dunedin area to help during University Orientation Clubs Day.

Prior to my visit to the Taieri Lions meeting, I had the chance to visit Berwick Outdoor centre – what a great facility and well used by numerous groups.  The aftermath of the flood on the Taieri was evident with water still lying, mud, baleage strewn, and covers hanging from what’s left of fences and hedges – what a mess.  Well done Taieri Lions for holding a community BBQ – thank you for caring for the people in your community.

Take care.

DG Lorna

Caring For Communities”

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