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After extensive Lions training, guidance and words of wisdom received, it’s time for me to take on the ‘Team Leader’ role for the 2017/18 year in our District.  I feel honoured, a little nervous, and excited to be facing the challenges that lie ahead.  I recently heard a recent Past International Director comment “we are all just Lions and serving in whatever way we can”.  That is how I see myself and I’ll do my very best to represent our District during the year ahead.

Thank you DG Tom for your year of special service
– Tom will officially become Past DG early July.

Welcome to the 2nd century of Lionism – we’ve celebrated our 100th birthday - there are some wonderful legacy projects completed or underway.  Well done to all members who have contributed and I’m sure future generations will benefit and admire our foresight.  Last year’s theme “New Mountains to Climb” is symbolic of the new challenges we face both within our communities and further afield as we embrace new technology, promote our good work, explore and implement new projects, expand our organisation, and maybe even try different ways of holding our gatherings.  Let’s keep an open mind so we don’t get left behind.

My theme for the year is:  Caring For Communities

I hope we can incorporate more people centred/caring activities within our respective communities that help build relationships along with assisting those less fortunate than ourselves or in a time of need.  This also aligns with Lions International who have challenged all Lions collectively to serve at least two million people by 2020.  Reporting every service/project will be key to attaining this goal.

Thank you to all who have accepted roles within your respective clubs.  It was great to see a good attendance at each of the three recent Incoming Officers Training sessions – the socialising as well as the formal sessions are always valuable when Lions come together.

To those who have accepted roles on cabinet for the year ahead – thank you – you are a dedicated group of hardworking Lions who will actively help rebuild and strengthen some of the smaller clubs within our district.

Keep warm and enjoy winter.

DG Lorna

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