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                      New Membership proposals.

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen.

We know that people can be very busy but would still like to be involved in charitable work or fundraising occasionally, without committing to a lifetime membership. This is why we are creating a new membership structure. (It's also a good way to meet people - we're a sociable bunch!)

 Volunteer Helper.  If you have a couple of hours to spare from time to time and would like to help, please let a club member know your contact details and what might interest you. You call the shots. We can use help with delivering leaflets, sausage sizzles, Pea Straw sales, marshalling events, recycling specs, property maintenance,'s your choice! Men, women, girls or time to be bored!

Associate member. If you wish to become more involved,  or have a worthy cause that you may like to flag up, you can have a club member allocated to help you. This may involve an occasional meeting, chat or even a social event to discuss your interest. There is no formal enrollment or time period. Ladies, gentlemen, young or old can all make a useful contribution.

Full membership. This involves enrollment and gives the opportunity to contribute to the organisation and running of the club, which meets informally every fortnight. We are seeking more lady members in particular. There is a small annual membership fee. We obviously hope that members will become long-serving, which establishes continuity for the club.

  New committee takeover! Tuesday 27 Jun 2017

                    An entertaining evening with some serious stuff too.

Fresh from the Kiwi victory in the Americas Cup, the mood was celebratory. We had a patriotic rendition of the National Anthem from Lion Neville Barrie on guitar, followed by a superb meal, washed down with the usual glass of water or two!

Incoming President Bill Newsom presented the club's unique Iris Mead Annual Award for $500 to Sumner Lifesaving Club, for the purchase of lifesaving equipment.

Then Bill got his own Melvyn Jones award for his enormous fundraising efforts for the club.


3 stalwarts still involved!

Wow! Three founder members of the Ferrymead club each go back 40 years with Lions. Great guys, who still go to fundraising events and turn up at all the functions. Andy Blakie,  Bruce Scott and Doug Sutton.

Postal Address

P.O. Box 10-187, Christchurch

Meeting Times

Regular club schedule and venue
1800 , 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month
Ferrymead Heritage Park, Gate A Truscotts Road, Ferrymead
13th Feb Tea meeting
The Lions Den


Send Email Club President:
Bill Newsom
Phone: 03 3849130
Send Email Club Secretary:
Andrew Thomas Blaikie
Phone: 03 3890841
Mobile: 0272025651





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